Patio Furniture Review!

Hello spring!

Here in Texas it’s finally warmed up and the sun is out! We somehow went from -5 to 80 degrees in a matter of 2 weeks but I am here for it. The one thing our home in Texas has been missing – and maybe the most important now that it is beautiful and I don’t wanna leave the sunshine – is patio furniture! We are renting the house and it may be only a temporary home, so it’s important to me not to break the bank on patio furniture as it may be something that we ultimately leave behind/sell on facebook market place/give to a friend. BUT I also can’t contain myself and it had to be something cute and to house theme, yet functional. So here is my review and recommendation of this super cute and comfy patio furniture set!

Needs some rearranging but here you can see it all well! It’s so cute.

After quite a bit of searching I landed on Walmart’s site. Not the first place I would have thought to look for patio furniture but I was pleasantly surprised. They have a variety of options, both inexpensive up more pricey and fancier items. The bonus is they not only had a great selection of furniture, but accessories also (I mean duhh its Walmart, it has everything right?! haha). I purchased both my set and a rug to go with on Walmart’s website.

The rug is a simple grey, outdoor rug. I highly recommend a rug underneath to protect your patio, the patio furniture, and any bare feet running around. They had tons of options and most were very inexpensive or on sale! I got mine for under $40 and I love it! It’s the perfect accent but also fine to get some dirt on it and easy to spot clean.

Now for the fun part!! This patio set has 4 pieces. A “loveseat”, two chairs, and coffee table. They are made of metal and wicker, very durable. The white/grey color is honestly beautiful. Its light and inviting. The off white cushions are comfy enough – they aren’t the softest things in the universe but comfy and good for an outdoor setting in case of moisture or dirt. Also easy to spot clean. The grey color is so cute with all the black/white/grey I have in the house, too! The size of the loveseat is smaller than a couch loveseat you would think of, but it comfortably fits two people or is nice for full leg extension when laying out by yourself (I would know! haha!). The two chairs are big and cozy. Theres plenty of room to relax in them. A big reason I ultimately landed on this set was for the table. Many of the other sets had TINY tables that were maybe 15 inches tall and 25-30 inches long. This table is bigger and I really like that. It ties it all together and seems way more functional. It is at least 18 inches tall and 34 inches long.

Okay!!!!! Well I’m gonna stop writing and just enjoy my time out here now. I will tell you I’ve already enjoyed a few coffee mornings, midday smoothies, and happy hour bevs out here so far and some of those times best spent with my friends or favorite man! That’s all you can really ask in some patio furniture, right?! Hahaha 🙂 Cheers!

Link to what I bought: 😁😁😁


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